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Flashing Steep Drain Sumps
Flashing Steep Drain Sumps

Options for flashing steep drain sumps. Sika Roofing promotes the proper roofing practice of creating sufficiently sized
sumps at all roof drains.


Reverse­ Lapped Step Flashing – Building a weath­er-resistive barrier

Bulk Water Management. Rainwater that strikes a building has to be directed down and out. Gravity provides the “down”; it’s up to you to make certain of the “out.” that is where a reverse lapped step flashing comes in.


Concrete Decks Drying Times
Sarnafil Concrete Roof Detail

The following is from an internal memo from Sarnafil to inside Sales Staff and Manufacturer Reps. I have removed some of the dryer information but if you are in construction and a “data driven guy” you will want to read the complete report. You can Download Concrete Decks Drying Times Over the years, the construction…

Cool Reflective Roofs Are Energy Smart
Solar Roofing Systems from Sarnafil

The tendency is to think of cool-roof materials as a class of products that fit best in sun-drenched, high-annual-temperature portions of the country. The benefits of Cool Reflective Roofs can be realized in all climate zones.